How To Protest Black Friday


Break Tradition, Not The Planet.

Merchants will be closed on Friday, 24 November 2023.

As we close out another year, the impending sale season looms over us. That’s why every November, we make a point of closing down on Black Friday. 

Our modus operandi has always been to balance ethical creation with mindful consumption. Incessant sales and limitless production cycles sit in direct opposition to this idea, which is why we’re deliberately sitting out of Black Friday for the third year running.

This isn’t a coincidence, and it’s not a gimmick: this is our protest against an unsustainable system. It’s easy to get swept up in the chaos and temptation, but we ask that you join our cause. Here’s why.

As a brand motivated by real people and a real community, the grim reality of fashion waste is impossible to ignore. The average person sends up to 23kg of clothing (yes, the weight of a small child) to landfill annually. On a global scale, 10 percent of greenhouse gas emissions can be attributed directly to the fashion industry. These figures continue to grow as fashion retailers accelerate trend cycles and encourage buying beyond our ethical means.

The purpose of the sale season is to drive unthinking purchases, where we buy simply for the sake of buying. That’s the lure of a discount; but for every dollar you save, it’s costing someone or something, somewhere.


The price of consumption is reflected in our planet, in the climate crisis, in polluted waterways, overflowing landfills and infinite clothing deserts. When we buy more than we need, we contribute to a cycle centred around excess, where profits take precedent over all else.

On a personal scale, the hands that make our wardrobes are forgotten in the face of a bargain. Fast fashion upholds this level of neglect, made possible by the exploitation of people, the abuse of human rights, and senseless overproduction. This might be the norm, but it doesn’t have to be.

Challenging the industry in this way is our step towards a more ethical future for the fashion industry and beyond. If you’re a long-time follower this isn’t your first rodeo. If you’re new to Merchants, welcome. Together, we’re changing the perception of fashion consumption

For those looking to get started on their holiday shopping, consider small businesses and alternative avenues. For those who can, simply take the day. Step away from the screen, from the inbox, from the sales. If you don’t need anything, don’t buy anything.

We subscribe to the idea of a stitch in time. The work we do now is crucial, before all else gets out of hand.

Join us as we break tradition, not the planet.

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