Happy holidays and happier gift giving! We’ve got your Chrissy list covered for everyone from dreamers to mentors, to those who are just too hard to buy for. Give and receive an ethical stack, silver treats and other special goodies to your loved ones, with our full lineup of recs below.

To shop with peace of mind this holiday season, we are also offering FREE express DHL shipping over 50USD and extended returns until 31st Jan.

For the adventurers

The Erudite Signet 

The Sunwalker Ring


For the mentors and knowledge buffs

The Gambit 

The Brevity Hoops



For the thalassophiles and ocean lovers

The Paralian Sleeper


The Envy Pendant


For the dreamers

The Hallmark Pendant


The 888 Ring


For the lovers

The Mr Modest Pair


The Lovers Pendant


For the entertainers

The Godfather

The Dusk Chain Necklace


For the creatives

The Cherub Signet

The Sungazer Cuff



For the indecisive

The Dusk Chain (a unisex bestseller for our Merchants fam)


A Merchants Gift Voucher (digital and physical versions available)



Gifting for yourself? Check out our advice on finding the piece for you, browse the full collection and see what speaks to you.

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