A Note from Coco: 
"Howdy! Thank you so much to everyone that has supported the lucky collection so far. Forever grateful to be able to create the things I enjoy and see them enjoyed by others. I've had an infatuation with jewellery for as far back as I can remember and kept certain pieces with me as lucky charms. I hope I can return the feeling and my ring and pendant can stick around forever even if just in a nearby pocket when not worn. This gold release is my favourite yet." -- Coco Loberg

In honour of our second drop together we took the time to get more personal with Coco and find out a little bit more on her creative process and her life before tattooing;

First a couple of quick deets...

Q: How long have you been tattooing? Did you always plan on pursuing creativity as a full-time gig?
A: I've been tattooing for 6 years now. Started my apprenticeship in my families studio and am still working from there in Kingscliff in between travelling. I always knew I'd make something work so that I could create as a job, though I wasn't sure what. I think in my younger years I wanted to be a painter, writer or a pastry chef haha.
Q: Tell us about your relationship with jewellery - do you wear it daily, which pieces do you lean towards, what significance do they hold for you, and are they heirlooms? 
A: I've had an infatuation with jewellery for as far back as I can remember and kept certain pieces with me as lucky charms. I hope I can return the feeling and my ring and pendant can stick around forever even if just in a nearby pocket when not worn. This gold release is my favourite yet. 
Q: Your art comes in so many different forms, describe your general process when taking on a creative endeavour.
A: Creating is weird, for me I sometimes feel like It's not mine haha, something like a poem or a painting concept will come to me and I'll just write it down before I forget, like it got thrown to me or something. Or It'll be a piece I've been working on in the back of my head for a week or month and it'll suddenly align and make sense or feel right. Some times, I'll sit there for hours and nothing will come or at least nothing good. As far as creative processes go I'm not sure I have one set way; maybe just a good drink, a cigarette or two and some music. I can't remember who but I was listening to a painter or writer perhaps and they were saying it's like sitting out with a fishing line and just waiting on a bite. Thought that was kinda funny.
Q: Walk us through your ideal day, spare no detail.
A: Coffee, cigarette, tree to read a book under, maybe some painting, writing. A swim, a mountain drive, bit of country music, some whiskey or port, maybe some live music in a country bar.
Q: Travel is a huge part of your story, where in the world do you feel most ignited?
A: Los Angeles and Italy
Q: Paint us a picture, what makes you feel motivated to draw /write/ design/photograph/ read?
A: Travelling pulls a lot out for me. And humans, I like longing for somewhere or someone.
Q: What's one piece of advice you will hold onto forever?
A: Mum and dad always let us have free reign with whatever we wanted to create/absorb etc however one thing I'm super grateful they directed me toward was reading, dad always says read as many books as you can that interest you, it's the chance to live a multitude of lives. I'm not sure if he heard it from somewhere else or not but I've always loved that concept.
Q: Of all the undertones, which topics do you most resonate with and why? E.g. pop culture,
sexuality, cinema, history, music, fashion, geography etc.
A: Love cinema and music. Forever in awe of those that can create musically.
Q: What're something not many people would know about you?
A: I'm 1 of 6 children
Q: What do you love about the MOTS brand, and what inspired you to collab with us?
A: Love the style merchants have paved so far. I dig the rawness of their designs as well as their materials being recycled. Always look forward to seeing the new pieces they have lined up.
Q: What's next for Coco Loberg?
A: I'll be exhibiting my painting collection I've been working on this year 'to the bone' 19th November at the dust temple. After that I'll be chipping away at my next poetry book and a novella. (Check out Coco's Exhibition and other works on her website: https://www.cocoloberg.com/)

Coco's Current Playlist...

Mambo sun T. Rex
Wicked game Chris Izaak
She's a lady Tom jones
Wild horses Rolling Stones
Dreaming of you cigarettes after sex
Lay lady ·1ay bob dylan
Whiskey river willie Nelson
Just like heaven the cure
Over the hills led zeppelin
laid james
Coco: "Not an all time playlist but what I'm listening to currently"
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