Merchants label.

Founded on the beaches of Indonesia and Byron Bay in 2020, Merchants of the Sun was brought to life by two brothers with a passion for jewellery. Motivated by the vision of a zero-waste world; Merchants of the Sun brings to life handcrafted jewellery that inspires their culture to mindfully consume and consciously create.

Dressing you for the future through the balance of ethics and aesthetic.

Recycle. Repurpose. Repeat.

Our motto is make few, design well.

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1. Sustainability

We are an ethical lifestyle brand focused on challenging the moment and creating the movement. We recognise the severe effect our business has on the environment, which is why we are wholly committing to crafting a carbon-neutral brand by 2022 and zero-waste brand by 2024. 

2. Empowerment

Our pieces are wearable statements of self-expression. Merchants of the Sun is devoted to inspiring the culture to unashamedly be themselves - to follow everything that brings you to life, to be proud of everything that makes you, you. 

3. Aesthetic

Pushing the envelope on creativity and design, we continue to curate a unique and memorable aesthetic that speaks to our Oceanic origins and sustainable, slow-living lifestyle.

Our responsibility.

Everything we make takes something from the planet we can't give back. Merchants of the Sun elevates itself as a social enterprise, a company that identifies its direct impact on this planet and the urgency of our climate emergency. 

Sustainability is not a fashion statement - it's our mission. 

Merchants of the Sun exclusively craft jewellery with recycled 92.5% solid sterling silver. We use wholly recyclable material that can be melted down for reuse. Our silver is sourced from offcuts and waste used in industrial production.

Our packaging is crafted from recycled cardboard and paulownia wood—one of the fastest-growing trees in the world, explicitly farmed for production.⁠

Embodying sustainability from ideation to manufacturing - we batch craft each of our pieces through a 'cradle to cradle' method, ensuring all waste is minimised in production. 

Our environmental stewardship confronts and challenges overconsumption and fast-fashion production, to ensure the well-being and quality of life for present and future generations.

Make few, design well.